House Rules

Obligations of a Resident
Rules and Regulations

Your apartment is your home and the building or court is the community you share with other residents. These rules are not intended to be restrictive, but are designed to help create a better, more pleasant and safer place to live. A friendly cooperative spirit will be to the benefit of all, and the management solicits your help in attaining these goals!

1. Rent is payable in advance on or before the due date. Consult your rental agreement or lease concerning late payment penalties.

2. Management is not responsible for fire damage or theft of personal property including jewelry, money, apparel or other items in said premises, including storage areas, carports and garages.

3. The number of persons who shall occupy an apartment is set forth in the rental contract. No exceptions.

4. No unnecessary noise or loud talking is allowed at any time. All musical instruments, television sets, radios, stereos, etc. are to be played only between the hours of _____ a.m. and _____ p.m. and then only at moderate volume so as not to disturb other residents.

5. Instructions for operating all appliances are in the apartment or available from the manager. These conveniences, including garbage disposal and dishwasher, are to be operated only in accordance with factory recommendations. Washer and dryer operating instructions are posted in the laundry room. Be certain you understand them.

6. No alterations, paining or hanging pictures or other items on walls may be done without prior consent in writing from the owner or manager. Drapes, carpets and furniture must be given good care and be free of sports, burns or other damage. Read the covenants in your rental agreement or lease covering these items. The resident will be responsible and required to pay for all damage beyond normal wear and tear. No barbeque may be used in or about the unit or balcony.

7. Cost of repairs to or stoppage of waste pipes or drains, water pipes, plumbing fixtures or overflow therefrom caused by negligent or improper usage or the introduction of foreign articles or materials into the system will be the responsibility of and must be paid for by the resident.

8. No rugs, towels, articles of clothing or other such items are to be draped over the rails of balconies, and no mops or rugs are to be shaken from same or through window openings.

9. State law prohibits the use or storage of gasoline, cleaning solvents or other combustibles in an apartment.

10. Residents are responsible for the conduct of their guests and the adherence to these rules at all times. Residents and guests must be orderly, and intoxication, disorderly conduct, objectionable language or other disturbance by residents or visitors shall be cause for eviction. A house guest is defined as anyone who stays up to _____ days, unless further extension is given by owner in writing.

11. No trash or other material may be accumulated that will create a hazard or be in violation of any health, fire or safety ordinance or regulation. Apartment must be kept clean and sanitary and free from objectionable odors.

12. Each resident shall use only the parking space assigned to him. Failure to do so will be construed as illegal parking and such vehicles may be towed away at the resident’s expense. Vehicles must be in running condition, and extensive mechanical repairs are not to be performed on the premises.

13. No personal belongings, including bicycles, equipment or other items may be placed in halls, stairways or about the building except in storage area where allowed.

14. In event of emergency or good reason to believe such may exist, owner reserves the right to enter the premises during resident’s absence without prior permission.