Pet Agreement

Tenant, in consideration of this agreement which is incorporated into the rental agreement, shall abide by the following terms, each of which is material:

1. Pet(s) allowed: The only pet(s) which the tenant shall keep on the premises are described below.

2. Repair and/or Replacement: Tenant shall either, at the sole election of the landlord, repair in a workmanlike manner or reimburse the landlord for the costs of said repair, upon a demand contained in a three day notice to perform or quit, any damages to the premises or its furnishings and improvements, caused by the pet(s).

3. Dogs: Dogs must be neutered. Dogs must be leashed, at all times, outside the premises. Dogs shall not be allowed to defecate on or about the premises. Any such defecation must be immediately removed and either wrapped or bagged. Unwrapped defecation shall not be placed in any trash container. Dogs must not bark or howl or in any way become a nuisance or threat to the other tenants of the premises. Dogs shall be kept free of fleas and tenant is responsible for the costs of any and all flea infestation treatment which may be required, at the sole discretion of the landlord. Tenant represents that their dog(s) is/are housebroken.

4. Cats: Cats must be neutered. Cats must be kept inside the premises at all times unless the premises is a single family dwelling. A litter box must be maintained inside the premises and it must be kept clean. Litter must be bagged before being placed into trash.

5. Feeding: No pet may be fed outside the dwelling unit except if the unit is a single family dwelling, or fed over any uncovered carpeting.

6. Laws and ordinances: Tenant shall obey all pertinent laws and ordinances.

7. Fish: Aquariums shall not exceed 10 gallons capacity.

8. Birds/Hamsters/Cavies/Mice/Snakes/Lizards: Shall be kept caged at all times.

9. Breach of Covenant: The breach of any covenant of this agreement, following the service of a three day notice to perform or quit on the tenant, shall be deemed a material breach of the rental agreement and will entitle the landlord to restitution of the premises, and such other damages as may be recoverable pursuant to the terms of the rental agreement.

10. Unattended Pet: No pet shall be left unattended for more than twenty-four hours. When tenant is on vacation or away from the premises for more than twenty-four hours, the pet must be taken to a pet care facility. Strangers to the tenancy shall not be allowed to enter the premises to care for the pet.

11. Abandonment of Pet: Any pet left at the premises following either voluntary vacation by the tenant or lockout pursuant to court order shall be deemed abandoned. The landlord has no responsibility for the care, feeding, and maintenance of the pet, and may immediately turn the pet over to any local animal control authority.

12. Complete Agreement: This is the complete agreement between the parties concerning pet(s).

13. Modification of Agreement: This agreement may only be modified by an agreement in writing signed by both parties.

14. Waiver: The acceptance of rent by the landlord from the tenant after a breach or purported breach of this agreement, shall not be considered a waiver of any covenant herein.

15. Indemnity and Hold Harmless: The tenant shall indemnify the landlord and hold the landlord harmless from any and all damages, inconveniences, and nuisance which may be caused by the pet, and will reimburse landlord for all expenses occasioned thereby.

16. Liability insurance covering injuries or damages caused by Renter’s pet(s), with a minimum limit per incident as specified by Owner, showing Owner as an additional insured, shall be purchased by Renter and kept in effect during the tenancy on owner’s demand.